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Wednesday21 March 2018

System Components


  • The L-RD Unit (Local Tranceiver): is a unit which receives and transmits over specific radio frequencies, information, messages and commands on the current status of the lighting system. The system communicates over light-heads and mobile devices.
  • The L-RDC (Local Tranceiver Coordinator): is a receiver that collects the data from the individual light-heads/groups of light-heads and transmits this information to the control centre; e.g. at City Hall or a service provider facility.
  • CCU (Central Control Unit): The management tool for web access. Utilising a GIS (Geographic Information System) it can address the individual points of light via the Internet. With a user-friendly interface, all anomalies and alarms are in "real time" on an overview map and shown by the points of light. Can be used on mobile devices.