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Friday19 January 2018

Street lighting as a service-network


Future-oriented urban development requires interactive, intelligent solutions.


Thanks to the Lightyears system, existing street lamps become hardware for a wireless communication network

A variety of service and usage possibilities are opened up:



 Street Lighting Management

  • Control of street lighting (on-off, dimming, status monitoring, statistics and reporting, energy consumption, etc.)
  • Active light management maximizes energy savings
  • Thanks to the Lightyears Lighting Infrastructure, the entire city/region is covered with a radio network
  • Power auxiliary components are given coverage (WiFi, video, parking management, etc.)
  • Thanks to our open source philosophy, countless solutions and technologies can be integrated into the network
  • Information can be communicated to the general public via the local network
  • This new service and its inherent capabilities bring many benefits to local citizens
  • The system’s network capabilities allow for information services for both the public and private sector to communicate with the general public over several different platforms.

Various Additional Options

  • Motion & Presence sensors – for adjusting lighting or security applications 

  • Remote Panic Buttons – these small units work both indoors and outdoors

  • Security Monitoring – applications and remote diagnostics 

  • Environmental Monitoring – weather, CO2 pollution, ozone etc.

  • Smart Metering – data collection and transmission of readings

  • Parking and Traffic Management – including public space parking 

  • Monitoring Aged or Infirm People with wristbands anywhere within Network 

  • Information Services for the Blind – describes and forewarns

  • Dog Monitor – a small item for the collar that can track your dog

  • Street Waste Bin Management – basically tells you when they’re nearly full 

  • Tourism Information – relative to ‘where you are’ (LAN) or ‘regional’ (WAN)

  • Local Advertising and Promotions – on notice boards or as push messages

    And Much, Much More