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Wednesday21 March 2018

LIGHTYEARS Light Management & Much More


The upgrade to an intelligent lighting infrastructure offers still higher energy and maintenance cost savings and innovative and forward-thinking service opportunities.


Utilising our patented, wireless 'SmartControl‘ system, all lighting heads are connected to a separate, local communication network.


This network allows for the control of each individual light head or groups thereof. Thus, the light intensity can be tuned automatically by sensors with daylight intensity. It is now possible to reduce light output in core night hours but increasing output by the use of motion sensors, to ensure 100% light intensity only when needed.


Unlike other solutions, thanks to our wireless technology no additional cabling is required and our systems do not require SIM cards or coverage by a GSM provider.


Based on the MESH communication technology we use, communication is guaranteed in real time from anywhere (even with a smart phone), which should allow an additional reduction of operating costs.


'Smart City Management' - efficient in every respect