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Wednesday21 March 2018

LIGHTYEARS Buildings Management


Exchanging "old" lighting systems in industrial buildings, warehouses and production units with Lightyears systems, will automatically create an infrastructure that will allow you to visualize and automate all your lighting operations, including those for production machines. Wireless sensors connect alarm systems, machines, elevators, doors and gates, temperature sensors, humidity meters, motion detectors, counters, etc. to our management system.


You can monitor and control CCTV, Security, Access Control, Temperature, Lighting and any other IP systems from your iPhone/iPad (or similar Android unit) from anywhere you have an Internet connection; even from your bedside at home!


Additionally, power consumption is becoming such an important cost factor in many businesses, so it will now be possible with Lightyears Systems, to locally/remotely monitor energy consumption/behavior in detail; down to Information on the effects of daylight and season changes, temperature intensity, etc., all of which can be used to optimize and immediately reduce energy consumption.


The inclusion of machinery monitoring allows further improvement in the management and maintenance intervals, malfunction, operator error, etc., of most equipment.


Energy management, environmental monitoring, logistics, safety and maintenance applications can all be monitored from a single solution implemented through upgrading ones lighting systems.



HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), lighting and shading devices can be operated and monitored by highly innovative centralized or decentralized components.


Utilising both interior and exterior lighting points our wireless technology enables communication with all areas without re-cabling. This allows one to connect and optimally manage ones infrastructure in multiple ways.