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Wednesday21 March 2018

LIGHTYEARS LED- and Intelligent Network Technology


Networking and modern technology-management are currently extremely popular and useful applications. However, we believe that such products/systems should lead to advances in public space and industrial plant applications, not just reside in computers and phones.


This philosophy will ensure that multi-functional projects can be implemented in the most economical way possible. Much more economical yet manageable street lights will be available throughout a city, town or region and our new and patented technology for data transmission and networking of control devices and/or sensors are installed at the same time, in one step, by simply replacing the street lighting head units. Immediately after installation, we are able to provide a new municipal/management local (LAN) network that can, if needs be, become part of a wider (WAN) network.


It is an important goal of all Lightyears systems that existing lights are replaced by our LED "light head units“ only, ensuring that wherever possible, existing light posts and cabling are not replaced. Roads don’t need to be dug up and properties don’t need rewiring but the infrastructure for an active light and city management system will nonetheless have been created. This measure ensures that numerous municipal operations are more efficient and up-to-date and also provides completely new opportunities for efficient city management – and all at extremely competitive cost.


In addition, the stability of our systems is ensured by a clever, patented form of data transmission. This ensures that "both" infrastructure measures (lights and wireless network) are financed by immediate energy and cost savings of up to 90%. Around 85% of our components are manufactured in Europe to the highest technical standards - individually tailored to the needs of each local authority or enterprise, whether outdoor or indoor. In addition to significant energy savings at our customer’s facilities, we create a considerably smaller CO2 footprint due to local production. This can be a big difference to other suppliers, whose products may originate in the Far East.